Green Hat

Green Hat

Green Hat offers fun and engaging team building experiences like escape games, quizzes, excursions and challenging tasks that demand the ability to work together as a team.

All year 1-3 hours

Green Hat Challenge

Green Hat Challenge is creative and fun team building. The activities are fast-paced and varied, where you’ll explore different areas and solve tasks using tablets. The activities can be everything from photo assignments to other problem solving tasks. There are always more tasks than you’re able to solve within the time frame given, so the teams will have to prioritize and work together.

When the challenge starts, you’ll have to strategize and pick tasks that suit your strengths. The team that wins is the one who understands the importance of team work and creativity.


  • The Lockdown
  • Music quiz
  • Icebreaker Game
  • Exploration Challenge
  • Code Break

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